We are a writing, performing and publishing collective, formed in 1991. We grew from a women's writing class at the late lamented Darlington Arts Centre in Vane Terrace.

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Film Poems – Tell Her Story

Vane Women are very grateful to Darlington for Culture for awarding a grant to work with film-maker Jason Berge to create 12 short films, each inspired by one of the paintings in the 2017 Tell Her Story exhibition.

You can view the films on YouTube

Latest publication from Vane Women Press

The Ship Owner's House

Published: March 2018
Press for the Press to order.

Vane Women Press is delighted to announce the publication of its latest poetry pamphlet The Ship Owner’s House by Judi Sutherland

The Ship Owner’s House is built on sands of displacement. Judi Sutherland echoes the cry of the refugee, the exile, a stranger in a strange land. Home is something she leaves behind. Her poems have crossed several cultural borders to the North. ‘This is a foreign England’ and language rears up in ‘clints and grykes’. Memories move with her into the ‘terra incognita’ of Teesdale, question what we mean by locus, a place where we belong. Intelligent, imaginative, heartfelt, these are salutary poems for our times.

Review: Judi Sutherland writes about her journeys, from south to north, from past to present using the perspective of the outsider. Whether mourning the loss of her grandfather’s possessions, or abandoning the red kites as she leaves the south for life in the north, Sutherland always seems to be outside.
The quality of the poetry leaps from the page. The poet manages to distil the essence of loneliness.

Rennie Halstead, Opoi

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